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Industries We Serve

Operating a commercial business can take a lot out of you. If you are still spending time thinking about how to find a good janitorial service solution for your business, it’s time to schedule recurring commercial office cleaning services with a reputable company like JPS Commercial Cleaning. What sets us apart from other janitorial services is our focus on providing a total service package. We provide reliable commercial cleaning service to a variety of facilities:

Office Buildings

First impressions matter. Your office environment should communicate professionalism to your customers

When you hire us, your facility will leave a lasting impression on your clients. Your cleaning crew will continuously work hard to ensure your lobby is inviting, offices are spotless, and restrooms are fresh.

Medical Offices

Medical facilities have special sanitation regulations they have to follow. We’re familiar with all medical facility cleaning requirements.

From the moment they walk in, patients judge the cleanliness of your practice with their eyes and noses. In fact, 77% said they wouldn’t return to a healthcare facility that had dirty restrooms. Today, reputation hinges on patient care, safety, and satisfaction. JPS Commercial Cleaning provides medical cleaning to medical facilities that kill and remove the germs that can lead to odors and infections, creating a microbiologically safer environment that looks and smells cleaner.

School & Day Care Centers

Schools have heavy foot traffic every day and require a commercial cleaning company that can clean the campus daily.

A student’s learning environment can affect their performance in school. Whether consciously or not, a not maintained school building makes students feel: unmotivated, uninspired and distracted. At JPS Commercial Cleaning, we offer professional educational cleaning services because we believe every student deserves a school where they feel inspired to learn.

Worship Places

Many churches have Saturday and Sunday services and need their facility cleaned before both.

When you’re focused on caring for the hearts of your people, business and administrative duties are not always on the top of mind. For many churches, cleaning and janitorial services are an afterthought. That’s why JPS Commercial Cleaning serves worship centers with stunning church cleaning services. Let JPS Commercial Cleaning breathe new life into your church building. We'll create a warm, inviting environment for your members and visitors.

Banks & Other Professional Buildings

Banks want to communicate professionalism to their customers. We’ll keep your building spotless.

People base much of their opinion of a company or institution off of their initial impression. Banking institutions rely heavily on the trust of the patrons who invest their money. This trust can be gained more reliably by making sure that the premises of your banking institution give off a clean and safe impression to customers. JPS Commercial Cleaning provides professional cleaning services to local banks.

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