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Janitorial Services for any Business

We offer our commercial janitorial service for a variety of facilities: Office Buildings, Medical Office, Banks, Schools & Day Cares, Places of Worship. We work with many clients who have unique cleaning needs, one important distinction is office cleaning. When performing any office cleaning, we maintain the utmost care around sensitive information and other expensive technology.

Janitor Service Results

Customer Satisfaction equals success!

Our commercial cleaning services speak for themselves; many of our clients are sent to us from satisfied customers. We know that there are many choices when it comes to office cleaning companies, so we strive to ensure that each client is completely satisfied with our work at all times.

Recurring Janitorial Service

Many of our clients opt to have us clean for them on a recurring basis.

Our commercial janitorial services are available on a recurring basis and will fit your company’s schedule. We offer daily, weekly, bi-weekly, bi-monthly, or monthly janitor cleaning service for any size building. If you are interested in finding out more about our janitorial cleaning services or would like to switch your current service today, please take a moment to contact us and we will be in touch to get you a free quote for your janitorial service needs.

If you are looking for fast, quality commercial janitorial services at a great price, contact JPS Commercial Cleaning today!

Areas We Clean


The moment a guest walks through your doors, you are making a first impression on them.

Creating that first impression starts long before they show up. It begins with the preparation you put into welcoming them. Ensuring the lobby is clean is a big part of that. JPS Commercial Cleaning will give your guests a stunning environment that they'll remember. Our professional cleaning team will pick up trash, dust, vacuum, wipe down furniture and shine the mirrors


Providing your staff with a clean office space.

Providing your staff with a clean office space every day is an easy way to show them how much you appreciate them. Not only this, but a clean workspace is proven to help employees focus and do better work. Giving your staff a distraction-free office area is a simple way to care for your employees indirectly.


Making Positive Impressions

Dirty restrooms and foul odors can create a negative impression with clients and employees. Proper cleaning and disinfecting make a world of difference. JPS Commercial Cleaning pays extra attention to hot spots where dirt and germs collect and spread. These include sink areas, toilets and urinals, stall doors and walls, hardware, baseboards, and floors.

If you are looking for fast, quality commercial janitorial services at a great price, contact JPS Commercial Cleaning today.